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About Me

My husband and I have three beautiful sons and two dogs. We enjoy family adventures, sports, and the beach. Originally born in the United Kingdom, I moved to New York in 2011 and continued my educational pursuit to become an educator that counts!  I am a graduate of Hofstra University, New York. I obtained my Bachelor's in Early Childhood Education, Childhood Education, and STEM. I then completed my Master's in Special Education, Early Intervention, and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).  

What do I do?:

  • As an Infant and Toddler Development Specialist (ITDS), I help infants and toddlers experiencing developmental delays in speech, language, feeding, gross motor, fine motor, emotional regulation, and social interactions. 


  • As a certified teacher and special educator, I help elementary school-aged children (K-5th grade), who need academic support, and learning strategies to assist them in being successful in reaching their full potential.  

  • As an Educational Consultant, I support educators and school owners in applying new skills and delivering differentiated instruction that counts, to ensure success and career satisfaction in alignment with their gift/vision.

  • As a public speaker, I share my life, expertise, and experiences as a mother, wife, educator, entrepreneur and so much more.  

I am blessed with the gift of loving and understanding children and first-hand experience as an educator.  My story is often described as "mind-blowing". 

I believe in maintaining a positive mindset, creating partnerships with a purpose, and always striving for positive outcomes. When you work with me, you should expect a collaboration with transparency and consistency. Educators need an education that counts, from an educator that understands the relentless demands of teachers today, especially post-covid.  Want to learn more? Contact me today for an initial consultation.

Certified in both New York and Florida.

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