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Early Intervention Birth-5yrs 

Early Intervention is a service offered to infants and toddlers who are experiencing a developmental delay.  Not only is this service offered to babies and toddlers, but also families and caregivers.  Support is given to increase the child's participation in daily routines and age-appropriate activities that are important to the child's development.  Family and caregivers help set goals they would like their child to achieve which can include support in speech, language, feeding, gross motor, fine motor, and social development.  

Kids Playing with Lego

Did you know?...

The connections in a baby's brain are most adaptable in the first 3 years of their life.  These connections are the foundation for learning, behavior, and health.  Over time these connections become harder to change.

This is why early intervention is key!


As an Infant and Toddler Development Specialist (ITDS), I help infants and toddlers experiencing developmental delays in speech, language, feeding, gross motor, fine motor, emotional regulation, and social interactions. Click here to Book today!

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